Saturday 28 March, 12-5pm: Creating stories for children of all ages / Lake Wanaka Centre Armstrong Room


"The day I'm not longer in touch with young people, is the day I stop writing for them, because the energy flows from them and goes back to them."

This will be Joy Cowley's first writing-for-children workshop in NZ in seven years.

We are Outspokenly stoked.

Perpetuating the tradition of storytelling to children is close to our hearts at Outspoken... It all starts with stories which flow into books and imaginative writing. And there is simply no one better placed to show you the path. Bring your pen and paper (please leave electronic writing materials at home!) for a once in a lifetime opportunity to sharpen your words with one of New Zealand's most celebrated writers. Awarded a DCNZM and Hon. Doc Litt from Massey University, Cowley has written over 1100 early reader books, 52 picture books and 24 novels for adults and children. 

The workshop will start with a shared lunch with Joy so please bring a plate as well as your pens, paper and stories!

Ticket:  $ 60 cash (please deposit on our account Outspoken Charitable Trust 02-0673-01303-7900 with your name, or make your payment at Bistro Gentil, 76a Golf Course Road) / $ 64.50 online  BUY 

Sunday 29 March, 10.30am - 1.30pm: Coming home to who we are / Holy Family Catholic Church, Wanaka

"We may be serious about our spiritual journey but we have busy lives. Our time is taken up by a thousand tasks, a thousand demanding voices. Where do we find the space to nurture ourselves?"

Joy Cowley writes that her journey has been significantly influenced by religion. "My favourite metaphor is that religion is the map and spirituality is the journey". Join her for a three hour session of input, reflection and sharing  - celebrating wholeness, developing awareness and finding the light in the gifts of the shadows. 

Ticket:  $ 20 cash (please deposit on our account Outspoken Charitable Trust 02-0673-01303-7900 with your name, or make your payment at Bistro Gentil, 76a Golf Course Road) / $ 21.50 online  BUY. There will also be door sales, if tickets are still available.

For any enquiries, please call 021 993780.