22nd - 28th Feb David Merritt Poetry Experience / Wanaka Wastebusters residency

In a week of emailing David Merritt back and forth to sort out this residency, one of our team happened to sit down at a cafe in Wellington. As you do. And notice a toast rack. As you do. But this one was filled with one-off poetic copyleft creations. And outside the cafe, with his letterset, sat David himself making more one-off magic. Meeting him was like seeing an old friend. Reading his words is a journey maybe as conscious as his making of them.   

David Merritt toast rack

We've since seen his creations in Oamaru and Dunedin and you can meet the old friend for yourself when you head into Wanaka Wastebusters any day of the week before his Outspoken performance there on February 28th. He's going to be upcycling unread works into his own toast-sized books and talking his story and why not go and have a listen to him? We could tell it you here. Or Google him, go on. But then you'd miss the unfolding mix of authentic, seamless poetry that is The David Merritt Experience.